A Mouse Click Away

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The people up the street held prayer meetings every Sunday in their home. Jane attended faithfully because there was another person her age that might be interesting to get to know. Most of the other people were in their eightys and she guessed they were there for the company. Well she was too, but not that kind of company.

Finally she got up the courage to ask John if he would like to stop and have coffee after one of the meetings. He agreed. At the local donut shop they chatted and made a date to meet again. When he showed up, he brought along his girlfriend and her two children. She could not believe he would do that. She almost got a speeding ticket going home. This sucks. I am going to go online and meet someone. AutoClicker Download

She signed up for several online dating services. She struggled with the description. She wanted to be honest but she felt she was just a kind of non-entity. So she pretended she was someone else and that is the description she used to describe herself. She used Photoshop on her photos.

A funny thing happened along the way. As she began to respond to the emails that expressed interest she found she began to change. Not a lot but some. The interaction gave her confidence she had not had before. She became bolder in her responses and finally set up a meet with one of her correspondents.

Apparently he too had used Photoshop because he did not even come close to what he really looked like. They met a few times but things did not go too well. Suddenly she got the final mouse click of dismissal. She started going to other online dating sites. She met up with a few people but nothing really worked.

She finally realized in the process she had become more confident. She changed her hair style and began to attend the gym. She decided she could find that perfect someone online but first she had to become the person she believed in. After months of hard work she finally found her true love.

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